Doctor Consultation at Home

Doctor Consultation at Home

Imagine yourself in a situation, where your elderly mother gets ill, right in the middle of the night, and there is no one to look after her once, you leave the territory of your home. So leaving her alone to look out for medical help is not an option. In the given circumstances, you would desperately want a doctor to knock at your door, or ring the doorbell. Or, take another situation, where your daughter complains of having a severe stomach ache, as the clock strikes 12 in the night. Or, put yourself in a situation, where you are with your pregnant wife in home and your wife requires immediate medical attention. In all such situations, you would be mightily relieved, if you receive a Doctor Consultation at Home.

If the health condition of an ailing person is fairly complicated and they need immediate medical attention from a specialised doctor, you may get to see one in the comforts of your home. You can consult a general physician or a specialist; as the requirement may be. You only need to seek Doctor Consultation at Home.

Why choose Doctor Consultation at Home?

There are several ways to reach out to a doctor without needing to visit a hospital, all thanks to present day technology. You can surely reach out to a doctor via ample online facilities available on the Internet. But, physical presence of an expert fairly outweighs the virtual interaction with a doctor, which sometimes requires you to do some physical activity with the patient for temporary relief, which you may not be able to follow, simply as you lack necessary training or practice. Then once you have this online consultation session, you get to know the names of medicines that your patient needs, but a fresh round of bout awaits you to actually get those medicines, and administer them timely.

The benefits

Once you opt for a health service like Doctor Consultation at Home, the whole process of consultation becomes easier, which can help you get the right health care, at a right time, and in all situations. A highly qualified DHA (Dubai Health Authority)-approved professional doctor is just coming up on your call for consultation, which may trigger you to miss those good old times, when you had to wait in some lounge, to consult a doctor. Just imagine the one has to undergo, when they could not relieve their near ones trauma, and instead they are made to wait for their turn to consult a doctor. Compare this with the personalised medical attention and prompt health services that come with Doctor Consultation at Home.

The services

Health Express, amongst other prevalent services is now offering Western style Doctor Consultation at Home with an enticing Price Tag. It provides modern health services to its patients through a well-trained and experienced healthcare team that delivers imminent healthcare with compassion at patients’ doorstep, with the aim to make primary healthcare not only more accessible but also more affordable. The Health Express offers Doctor Consultation, Health Check-Ups, Nursing Care, Lab Test (Blood Samples Collection), Swab Samples Collection at your Doorstep. 

Remember, emergencies occur without warning, and in cases where families have shrunk to the extent that family-members can be counted on fingers in a hand, or where people are mostly out on work, or where people are short on time Doctor Consultation at Home becomes the preferred choice. 

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