Food Intolerance test

Food Intolerance test

The name of Food Intolerance is not very popular, however, it turns out to be severe, if left unattended and may develop into some painful health issue. This is why, it is necessary to get tested for any suspected food intolerance occasionally. It is useful for all in your family to know, if any particular food item is causing them problem, and more significantly, which item. You or any of your loved ones may be suffering from food intolerance, and you must be certain of that.

Food Intolerance test helps to ascertain our intolerance or sensitivity for a specific food item that we consume. For the same reason, it is also known as a food sensitivity test. It is a blood test that can be done at home. You just have to fix an appointment with Health Express, and we depute a trained collection nurse to visit your place, on a time fixed by you. The collection nurse visits your home, office, or even hotel, once you fix an appointment with us, following standard protocols.

Get Tested

The symptom that is screened under this test is actually the disability of a person to digest a particular kind of food item. Perceptively, lactose and glucose intolerance are two of the most prevalent types of food intolerance that people struggle with. However, food intolerance to any consumable may turn grave if not identified or treated at an early stage.

Sooner the better, it is always advisable to seek out medical attention, at an earliest. Interestingly, many of us do not exactly know that which food item is causing them, for example, excessive gas in the stomach, although they are suffering from severe food intolerance. Some of the most common symptoms of food intolerance are pain in the abdomen, gastric, nausea, migraine, diarrhoea, and runny nose. However, this list of symptoms is only indicative, and not exhaustive.

Symptoms and causes

If you are habitually feeling uneasiness on consumption of a particular food item, or any of its preparation, then as a precaution, you must fix an appointment with Health Express, to get your blood tested for food intolerance. Common causes of food intolerance could be gluten, milk, food colours and preservatives, caffeine, etc.

Although food tolerance sounds much like a food allergy, but in case of an allergy the first symptoms usually appear faster than the symptoms of food intolerance. Moreover, food allergy triggers the general immune system of the affected person, while food intolerance generally affects the digestive system of the person. A person with food intolerance may still consume a little amount of the food item, they are tolerant to. But in case of an allergy, they can’t consume any amount of that food, without inviting medical complications.

Trustworthy diagnostics

Health Express checks the sample of your blood to check its intolerance to a number to food items. And, you can trust us for that, as we are doing it for sufficiently long time. We offer this diagnostic solution with timely and accurate test results, at a competitive pricing, with the facility of home sample collection.

A Food Intolerance test is advised to ascertain a food creating abnormal reaction, within a human body. Just by removing that particular food item from your diet, you may take care of slight symptoms of an illness.

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