HIV test at home in Dubai

HIV test at home in Dubai

Over the last two years, the multiple and coinciding crises that have stunned the world have had a shattering impact on people affected by HIV and their closed ones, and this has tremendously slowed down the global response to the AIDS pandemic. According to UNAIDS, we are committed to fight back and end this deadly disease by 2030. The new data revealed by this UN agency shows that the progress in achieving this goal has been faltering. Lacking investments and relevant actions are putting the world under sustained danger of the disease. We face millions of AIDS-related deaths and millions of new HIV infected cases.  According to the UN’s dedicated agency to combat menace of AIDS, faltering progress meant that approximately one and a half million new HIV infected people occurred last year. The AIDS pandemic took a life every minute in 2021 with 6,50,000 AIDS-related deaths, the latest report from the agency confirmed, and expressed its disappointment over the fact that this is despite the presence of proper testing and effective HIV treatment.

The World Health Organisation(WHO) recommends that every person who may be at risk of HIV should access testing. People at increased risk of acquiring HIV should seek comprehensive and effective HIV prevention, testing and treatment services. HIV infection can be diagnosed using simple and affordable rapid diagnostic tests, as well as, self-tests. But, this kind of express diagnosis by anyone is not very reliable, so you need someone as reliable as Health Express, to carry out such test and quickly issue a report that confirms your HIV status.

A cultural symphony

Almost about the same time came this piece of information from Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), which said that Dubai attracted over 7 million international overnight visitors between January and June 2022, recording a surge of 183% in the number of visitors the city had, during the same period in 2021.


The total population of Dubai is estimated to be 3.5 million as of April 2022, according to Dubai’s government data, and a sizeable chunk of it is formed by the expat population. During the past decade especially, Dubai has seen a formidable growth in expat population, predominantly people from other countries who came here to work alone or in teams, and many do not get their families to accompany them. Since the economy of Dubai relies majorly on tourism, it got exposed to the impact of HIV infection. 


Cultural changes, travelling, and altering religious values could be thought of as potential reasons for the sharp increase in risk of HIV. Whatever is behind this developing trend there is reason to be cautious, and testing is the only way to be certain of your HIV status. If you have concerns about HIV, or are simply unsure, keep yourself and your partner safe by getting tested at your earliest convenience.

Seek our help

The regulations surrounding HIV in the Middle East can appear complex, so it is always advisable that you should be aware of the local laws before you travel to any location within. Health Express performs affordable discreet testing services, in the comfort of your home, at a time of choice. The testing is inherently in line with local legislation and, as such, positive HIV test results may need to be reported to the appropriate authorities. Personal identification may also be required at your appointment.


To find out more, or to make a booking, call Health Express, now, and we shall be happy to help you.

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