Home Health Care Services in Dubai

Home Health Care Services in Dubai

The idea of returning home after a long stay in any hospital is in itself relieving for a patient as well as for its caretakers. It is relaxing for the entire family to get the patient back home, and at the same time it becomes less hectic and more cost-effective, compared to their stay in the hospital. Additionally, the patient feels more comfortable and emotionally resilient in the surroundings of their home, which in turn, catalyses their recovery. Then, there is also a susceptibility of patients of catching infections, in the hospital, so their transfer to a home-environment is also advisable, from medical point of view.

How can we be of help?

Therefore, if the health condition of a near and dear one is complicated enough, and they still need instant medical attention from a specialised doctor, as they move to home, you may get them professional medical help, right in the comforts of your home. You can consult a general physician or a specialist, as the requirement may be. You only need to seek Doctor Consultations Service at Home, provided by Health Express. Simultaneously, you may also (as the need may be) opt for having trained and certified nurses at home, through us.

In today’s Dubai, such home nursing services for working expats become imperative. Suppose, there were only two adults in a family, along with children and an elderly person. Both the adults were working, which could be a reality for many expat families, in Dubai. One of the adults got ill and hospitalised, and after sometime brought back home in a recovering state. The other adult member of the family applied for a long leave at work, but was sanctioned a leave to take care of the ailing, for a much shorter span. In that given time, they could only resort to a trusted home nursing services’ provider, like Health Express. Understand that in the given circumstances, they had additional job of looking after the children and the elderly member of the family. Moreover, there are certain peculiar conditions like, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease that require specialised care from trained medical nurses in the vicinity of your home, and if you consider these diseases as geriatric, then you need to be informed of the latest data.

Trust is built over time

A top-quality, substantially long-catering home nursing services’ provider in Dubai must take in stock of the condition of the patient, in totality and undertaking due diligence should tailor a workable solution for the patient, so that they could see speedy recovery. A trustworthy home nursing services’ provider should not only gauge the medical state of the patient, but also ask appropriate questions to all family members to understand the basic environment at their home, in order to derive a fair idea of the psychological needs of the patient and most importantly, the expectations of all the family members of the patient, including theirs. It also trains patients beforehand, to break the ice and make them mentally prepared for the upcoming processes and set appropriate milestones mutually, in the journey of recovery.

A well-rounded home nursing services provider should include maintaining daily log of the patient’s vital parameters, signs and symptoms, and properly manage them to prevent further complications, and speed up recovery.

Special care for the troubled

Taking special care of the elderly, terminally-ill, or pregnant ladies should be a priority task for a first-rate home nursing services provider. This requires not only medical proficiency but also a positive body language and attitude and a sensitive behaviour, as elders and feeble people are susceptible to loss of self-esteem, in such situations. A seasoned home care nurse should be able to make a patient feel comfortable while assisting them with their daily rituals. Health Express has developed a professional approach to administer such services, efficiently and in a cost-effective way, over a substantially long period of serving the needy in Dubai.

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