Lab test at home in Dubai

Lab test at home in Dubai

Are you planning to avail a Lab Check-up at Home, in Dubai? Due to paucity of time, you require a trained blood sample collection agent to knock at your door, just when you have little time. You do not have enough time in hand to travel to the hospital or medical centre throughout your tight schedule, and so, you want your blood samples to get collected at your home, and reports to be updated on cloud.

Traditionally, lab tests used to take in a lot of time, calling for a visit to the lab, booking an appointment, and having the lab tests actually done. This collectively takes up a long time and causes worry for most people, especially in the working lot!

For their rescue comes Health Express. We, at Health Express in Dubai, offer a package called Basic Health Check-up, which encompasses 82 tests on your blood sample to ensure your basic health to be in optimum condition, at all times. And the best part of the story is that we bring you this package, at an affordable cost of Dirhams Three Hundred Ninety Nine only, in the privacy, safety, and comfort of your own home. Our experienced expert sample collection personnel get to your home at a convenient time to collect blood samples and the results are sent to you digitally.

Test at Home

Either you have a tight timetable with not as much of time to get your blood tests done, or you have got an elderly parent, back at home, or for any reason, you are not finding it feasible to take along your patient to a certified lab. In all such cases, you would direly want a trained blood sample collection professional to appear at your doorstep. Even if, you find it inconvenient to visit a blood testing lab for your routine blood work! Then, rest assured, as the authoritative handbook would suggest you that you are covered.


We hire trained people, duly authorised by DHA, the supreme health authority of Dubai. These expert technicians ensure a comfortable experience to you, as they would bring a virtual blood testing lab at your home, and you could fix an appointment to get them at your home, at a time that suits you. The link guides you through what all tests are covered in the Basic Health Check-up (BHC) package provided by Health Express. If you are still on this blog entry, then its needless to reaffirm that quality diagnosis and accurate results await you at your doorstep, in almost no time.

The BHC package is defined in a way that once you are having a through-out favourable report- it implies that you are enjoying a good overall health. But, in case, your doctor requires any set specific tests to be done, then we could still be of abundant help.  You could just periodically have BHC done regularly on you and stay healthy. It includes Complete Blood Count (CBC), Diabetes and Thyroid profiling, Lipid profiling, Liver and Renal profiling, Iron studies, and extensive analysis of urine.

The easy way out

A blood test is the most common diagnostic test that assists the formation of your doctor’s opinion, almost in every disease. We provide lab testing at your home– all you need, is fixing an appointment, with our representative. Trained professionals will reach you, immediately, or at a time proposed by you. Our services are long standing and time tested. It is a convenient way out to your busy schedule. It also significantly reduces your chance of attracting other infections, as you do not have to drive down to a lab. Therefore, getting tested at home can help in lessening any chances of inviting fresh infections.

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