Medical services at home in Dubai

Medical services at home in Dubai

If anyone in your family is heavily under the weather, and they direly need fast medical attention from a seasoned medical practitioner at home in Dubai, then this blog entry will find you massively relieved, provided you run through it, till the end. For a breather, you must know that there are a number of professional medical services, offered by trusted and long-serving providers, like Health Express, right at your doorstep.

Medical services at your doorstep

For example, if you find your aging father complaining of a severe pain in the chest, during wee hours of the morning, and you are alone with him at home. So leaving him back at home, to find medical assistance is not possible for you. In such a situation, what you would desperately want is pertinent medical services at your doorstep. Or, there could be other demanding situations, such as your son complaining of having a grim stomach ache, in the midnight. Or say, you are with your pregnant wife in home and your wife requires abrupt medical attention. In all such situations, you would sorely need suitable medical services at home in Dubai.

Public medical services in Dubai

As we know, Dubai is an Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, and its health care system is designed at both, the central, as well as the Emirate’s levels. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) heads and administers both the public and the private health care systems, in the place. It oversees and standardises Dubai’s four major public hospitals, situated at Dubai, Hatta, Latifa, and Rashid. Each of these hospitals takes care of both in-house and out-doors patients and offer due medical services to them. But in case, you need to avail any of their services, you would require visiting these hospitals, and taking along your patient with you, irrespective of their medical conditions. No wonder, majority estimates point out that the public health care system in Dubai is mostly used up by the Emirati citizens, who make up to miniscule percentage of Dubai’s total population.

The services

Renowned medical services providers, in the city, offer affordable home health care, especially to cater medical services to children, elderly, and persons with disabilities, or anyone suffering from a chronic illness, resulting infirmity in the patient. Skilled doctors and nurses are assigned to discharge medical duties such as general or specialised consultations, care assessments, monitoring and recording of vital signs, proper wound care, intravenous therapy, etc. Other medical services at home in Dubai, may include evaluation of needs, the performance of skilled nursing procedures, patient and caretakers’ education, drug administration and medical screening assessments.

Health Express, for example, amongst other prevalent services duly offers doctor’s advice at home, on affordable rates. It provides modern health services to its patients through a well-trained and experienced healthcare team that delivers imminent healthcare with compassion at patients’ doorstep, with the aim to make primary healthcare not only more accessible but also more affordable. The Health Express offers Doctor Consultation, Health Check-Ups, Nursing Care, Lab Test (Blood Samples Collection), Swab Samples Collection at your Doorstep.

Remember, emergencies occur without warning, and in cases where families have shrunk to the extent that family-members can be counted on fingers in a hand, or where people are mostly out on work, or where people are short on time Doctor Consultation at Home becomes the preferred choice.

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