PCR Test at Home in Dubai

PCR Test at Home in Dubai

PCR Test acquired abrupt prominence with the striking of the pandemic Covid-19. As the pandemic dug deeper into our lives, we discovered the significance of PCR Test. Many countries now require you to come up with a negative PCR Test Report, if you wish to travel to their cities. For example, if you are travelling into Dubai without a full vaccination certificate then you need to present a fresh (not done 48 hours before travel) PCR Test Report that declares you negative of Covid-19 infection. Similarly, if you had to go elsewhere, from Dubai, then also, you may require a negative PCR Test Report. In this case, you may be in a hurry of having a negative report, and would want your sample for PCR testing, to be collected, at your doorstep. Health Express does that and publishes a negative report, in a matter of a few hours only.

Negative is What They Want!

PCR means Polymerase Chain Reaction. It’s a test to discover genetic material from a definite organism, such as a virus. The test detects the existence of a virus, in case you have the virus at the time of the test. It could also discover fragments of the virus, even after you are no longer infected of that virus.

The PCR Test has been the benchmark test for establishing COVID-19 since authorised for use in February 2020. It’s been found accurate and reliable, universally. Therefore, many governments have made it a mandatory requirement, in order to grant your travel, into their territories.

PCR and Antigen Tests for COVID-19

When governments talk about restricting Covid-19 to enter their territories, they have to vet two options against each other. There are two types of tests for COVID-19, viz., the PCR test and the antigen test.

The PCR tests for the presence of the real virus’s genetic material or its wreckages, as it break down. Therefore, it is found to be more accurate test for detecting active infection. PCR tests usually take few hours to report. Antigen Test detects debris of proteins on the surface of the virus called antigens. Antigen tests usually take only half an hour, but they are mostly useful on the start of Covid-like symptoms, which is when the biggest amount of virus is existent in the carrier body.

Clearly, PCR Test has been the standard test for establishing COVID-19, that is asked by various governments, from entrants into their countries.

Steps to The COVID-19 #PCRTest:

The PCR Test for COVID-19 is a molecular test that analyses your upper respiratory sample, looking for genetic material (RiboNucleic Acid or RNA) of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Step 1-> Sample collection: A trained healthcare provider uses a swab to collect respiratory material from your nose. After collecting sample, the swab is sealed in a tube and then sent to a laboratory.

If you require a PCR Test to be done at your home, office, or hotel Health Express sends in a trained personnel (approved by Dubai Health Authority) to collect sample.

Step 2-> Extraction: Then a laboratory scientist extracts genetic material from the sample.

Step 3-> PCR, the stage where actual testing is done: At PCR stage, different chemicals and enzymes and a PCR machine called a Thermal Cycler, is used. Each heating and cooling cycle amplifies the amount of the targeted genetic material in the sample. After many cycles, copies of a small portion of the SARS-CoV-2’s genetic material are detected, which is in turn interpreted as a positive test result.

In case, you go for a quick COVID-19 PCR Test, by Health Express, you get the results in 4-8 hours, updated on Al Hosn App with QR code and stamp.

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